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housecuddy_temp's Journal

A Temporary House/Cuddy Community
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A Temporary House/Cuddy Community
Hi guys,

I've created this super basic, super ghetto community so that people who don't feel comfortable at house_cuddy right now can discuss whatever.

If you feel like you want to talk about what's going on over there right now, that's cool, but this temporary comm isn't here for bashing or wank, so let's keep it civil and rational (just like i know 99.9% of you are).

Also, if you were about to post some fic or vids or graphics or whatever and now you're all bummed cuz you can't, put it here!

This is by all means a temporary community: I have no desire to be a full-time mod of a real H/C community because I don't have the time. So this is just until things get worked out over there.

Love you all,